My name is Anna Feild, and I am an 18 year old music lover. I’ve always had a passion for music ever since I first sang in choir in elementary school. I still am heavily involved in choir, and I sing in every choral ensemble I possibly can. Both singing and playing guitar are huge parts of my life, as well as just listening to music. My favorite genre of music is rock – specifically alternative rock and pop-punk – which will be the primary focus of this blog.

In school, I love writing in both the English and the journalism classes I take, and I have an odd interest in calculus. After high school, I plan to attend Point Park University, where I will be majoring in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management and minoring in journalism in hopes of becoming a tour manager or writing for a music publication. I knew I wanted to do something in music, and with my interest in math, something in the business aspect of music seemed like a natural fit – with the addition of my desire to travel and hobby of going to concerts, tour management seems like the ideal career path for me to follow. I started this blog because I love writing about music, and I want to share my thoughts and experiences with others who might relate to me. I hope to share my advice during my college experience college in hopes to help those who also may want to pursue a music business degree, and I also hope to share my opinions on music and concerts for those looking to get into some new artists.

When not in school, I enjoy going to concerts (which you may have gathered from the title of my blog). Ever since I saw Panic! at the Disco when I was in eighth grade, I’ve been hooked on live music, and I try to see my favorite artists every time they tour nearby. I’m also super nerdy – I really enjoy watching Marvel movies and Star Wars and analyzing and coming up with theories with my friends. I’m really good at knowing random facts – chances are, if you ask me about any of my favorite bands, I can tell you pretty much anything about them.