Track-by-Track Review: “Infinitely Ordinary” by The Wrecks

The Wrecks have been teasing their debut album since I became a fan of them in 2017. “Infinitely Ordinary” was released on May 1, and I broke down my thoughts track-by-track while listening to it for the first time. 

  1. “Freaking Out”

When The Wrecks released this as a single with no release date or title to the album, I was a little shocked. This song was not the typical alternative rock I’ve grown to expect from The Wrecks, and I was not a fan at first. The verses being spoken instead of sung was off-putting at first, but after a few listens, it started to grow on me. “Freaking Out” was definitely a good choice to open the album, with its high-energy, upbeat sound.

  1. “Feels So Nice”

This song is definitely my least favorite on the album. There’s a lot happening with the instrumentals, vocals and electronic effects, and they don’t all quite line up. The song just gives off an overall chaotic vibe, with everything happening in the background. A lot of the electronic effects were… unique choices – none of them really go together or make sense with the other instrumentals or vocals. With this being the first song on the album that wasn’t released as a single beforehand, it didn’t set a promising tone for the rest of the album.

  1. “Out of Style”

“Out of Style” was also released as a single before the release of “Infinitely Ordinary,” and I wasn’t a fan of it upon first listening to it. However, after listening to the rest of the album, it’s clear that this song is the best out of the rest of the songs, and it’s become my favorite. This song features the same spoken verses as “Freaking Out” does; it fit well with “Freaking Out,” and it’s a unique way to deliver the lyrics, but the uniqueness goes away when it becomes overused. It’s also an odd creative choice, especially because singer Nick Anderson’s vocals are so strong and unique. 

  1. “Fvck Somebody”

This song is one of the most impressive for Anderson’s vocals, flexing both his strength in his lower range in the verses and his upper range in the chorus. Though it’s a catchy song, it becomes quite repetitive and annoying after the first chorus; it’s essentially just the same melody repeated over and over again with only slightly different words. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and drives you insane for days.

  1. “Four”

The Wrecks don’t really have any slower or acoustic songs, so “Four” was a surprise. The addition of the string instruments in the background throughout the song was a nice touch and really added a lot to the song. Anderson singing such low notes in the first verse was a pleasant surprise, since he usually sings in his mid to high range. Going from the low notes to his falsetto in the chorus was another shock, as his high notes are usually borderline screamed. This song shows a tender, vulnerable side of Anderson’s voice that usually isn’t seen, and is really well done.

  1. “We All Get Lonely”

The transition – or lackthereof – from the soft vulnerability of “Four” to the thumping bass line of “We All Get Lonely” was not at all expected. Upon the entrance of the vocals, I could only think of how similar it was to Billie Eilish’s style. The soft vocals over the heavy electronic beat and bassline drew such obvious comparisons that even I could pick it out, and I don’t even like Eilish. The guest vocals in the second verse were also unexpected since there’s no other artist listed as featuring on this song, but it was a nice touch and added some more complexity to the song. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song ended up on the soundtrack for an upcoming action or spy movie – it just gives off that kind of vibe.

  1. “This Life I Have”

When this song started the first time I listened to it, I just thought, “oh, okay.” The lyrics are definitely a little jarring, but once it reaches the end of the first verse, it makes more sense. The alternating between acoustic and the full band playing make this one of the more unique songs on the album. The distortion over the vocals make sense when it’s in one of the acoustic parts, but it didn’t really make sense when it was one of the verses with the full band playing. Though it is a unique song, it’s one of my least favorites on the album.

  1. “Infinitely Ordinary”

As soon as I realized the instrumentals would slowly build, I was a fan of this song. I’m a sucker for a good instrumental build, and this song is no different. This song gives off major “driving with the windows down at night in the summer” vibes, and I can’t wait until I get a chance to do just that with this song playing. The chorus is arguably the best one out of the entire album, with it just bursting in suddenly before the verse has a chance to end. The slower, more nostalgic lyrics and instrumentals make this song the best choice for the album closer.

Overall, if I was listening to this album without knowing that it was by The Wrecks, I probably would’ve enjoyed it; it’s not a bad album, it’s just not what I expected from The Wrecks. When I saw them open for All Time Low in 2017, most of the songs in their set were unreleased, since they only had one EP with three songs on it at the time. These unreleased songs that were regulars in the majority of their live shows would have been much better candidates for this album than the songs that are actually on it. This album is lacking everything which made me an instant fan of them when I saw them for the first time. The rock and roll heart that’s so prevalent in almost every other one of their songs – both released and unreleased – is missing from this album. Though I will continue to be a fan of The Wrecks, I don’t think I’ll be listening to “Infinitely Ordinary” much after this. Was it worth the three year wait? My vote is no.


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